What is the Best Type of Floor Coating for Garage Floors?

Garage concrete floors see a lot of activity over the years. Moisture, oil, harsh chemicals, road salt, and heavy equipment can wear down a concrete floor to the point where it begins to deteriorate. Crown Polymers manufactures heavy-duty concrete coating and overlayments that will revive the concrete and give it a new look. We offer several types of garage floor coatings. Let’s take a closer look: Continue reading “What is the Best Type of Floor Coating for Garage Floors?”

Residential Applications for Decorative Flooring

Mention residential flooring to your customers, and they’re likely to conjure images of rolling carpet or tile and grout. One of the most popular trends in residential flooring over the last few, however, has been decorative concrete flooring. Crown Polymers provides epoxy and urethane floor coatings that are perfect for concrete flooring concepts. Continue reading “Residential Applications for Decorative Flooring”