Case Studies - Industrial Floors

Veterinary Office/Kennel

High volume city veterinary office and kennel, needed a decorative heavy duty floor system that can resist bleach and urine. Double broadcast Crown Flake with Product 323, CrownShield 40-2 as base coat and intermediate coat. Product 334, Crown Pro 10, 100% solids polyurea was used for the top coat, they needed an odorless product to protect the animals being boarded in a separate area of the building at the time of the job. In entrances and hallways # 60 aluminum oxide was used, in kennel areas top coat was left without texture for easy clean up.

Job completed: May 2011

Edward Air Force Base

Being in the desert, Edwards Air Force Base needed a system to keep the static electricity under control, they also needed a perfectly level floor system. Self-leveling Product 352 ESD, Crown Pro Spark Shield ESD was placed at 2mm thick. Product 353, Crown Pro Spark Shield Top Coat, works as a team with Product 352. This is the highest quality, highest durability ESD system. After the top coat cured, in this hanger two Crown Images were inlayed into the floor with Product 332, Crown Pro 6.

Job phases completed: May 2012-Febuary 2013

Parking Garage Double Broadcast

Below grade parking garage had multiple deep cracks due to improper joint placement. New joints were cut and all joints and cracks were filled with Product 505, Crown Flex Joint Sealer after prep. The contractor then applied a double broadcast system consisting of Product 323, Crown Shield 40-2 pigmented, for base coat and intermediate coat, broadcasted with a 40 mesh silica sand. Top coated with Product 320, Crown Shield 50 pigmented, with # 36 aluminum oxide back rolled on ramps going in and out of garage. Product 359, Crown Shield Line Striping finished the job.