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What is the Difference Between Crown Crete U and Regular Flooring Systems?

CrownCrete U is a urethane mortar flooring system that offers long-lasting and durable concrete floor performance. Contractors and property owners will appreciate how fast and easy it is to apply the product in almost any setting. The application and drying time reduces facility and workflow interruption so that business can move along. These products are engineered to meet the rigorous challenges and demands of today’s high-performance criteria such as high chemical resistance, freeze and thaw cycles, installation over green concrete after seven days, durability and safety.

CrownCrete-U is often used to maintain sanitation in facilities like food and beverage processing plants, pharmaceutical plants and chemical industries. It is hands down the most impact-resistant and easy to clean product on the market today. Crown Polymers offers CrownCrete-U to both commercial and residential property owners. It is flexible enough to use for a wide range of applications.

The Benefits of Using CrownCrete-U Polyurethanes

Sustainable. All CrownCrete-U systems contain no VOCs. We engineer the product from renewable resources so that your facility is CA 01350 compliant. By using our flooring systems, you’ll be eligible for LEED credits.

Chemical Resistant. CrownCrete-U systems are nonporous. They provide superior resistance to acids, solvents, chemicals, vapors and other harmful substances that can deteriorate concrete floors. Contractors utilize it to reinforce flooring systems when putting the finishing touches on construction projects.

Non-Slip, Easy to Clean. Facilities that contain water or liquid-based products need flooring that is non-slip and easy to clean at all times. CrownCrete-U provides an easy to clean seamless flooring system that does not allow spillage to penetrate through the surface. The high-grip floors are safe to use in hazardous environments.

Thermal Shock Resistance. We designed CrownCrete-U to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, as found in hot water discharges from boilers, kitchen equipment or steam cleaning in food-processing industries. With a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete substrates, we engineered CrownCrete-U flooring systems for durability and extreme thermal shock, superior to regular flooring systems.

Try CrownCrete-U Flooring Systems Today

Crown Polymers offers CrownCrete-U for all residential and commercial flooring systems. From urethane floor coatings and decorative flooring to garage floors and factory floorings, we do it all for your home or business. Contractors regularly use our products for all kinds of construction projects. Distributors also carry CrownCrete-U for installers or homeowners looking for a dependable concrete floor coating.

To find out more about our products, you can call us at 888.732.1270 or message us at info@crownpolymers.com