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How Decorative Floor Coating Builds Healthy Business Relationships in Illinois

Every team member at Crown Polymers plays a vital role in ensuring that the wheels of our organization keep spinning daily. How successful each of us is at fulfilling our role will determine the success of our business partnerships across Illinois. We all often perform certain functions that do not fall within our job description so that the work gets done . Although many of us rarely have the opportunity to engage directly with our distributors, contractors and buyers due to the nature of our jobs, the opportunity does arise from time to time – and our team always responds!

Jared, our sales rep, who recently had the opportunity to assist one of our esteemed clients, Eric, in Chicago, Illinois. Eric, the owner of Devanco Foods, was managing a construction projection for a new 93,000 square-foot USDA facility. The 27-year old rising star admitted that he did had neither the knowledge or the training to apply our coating across the floor’s surface or oversee this phase of the project. Yet, he wanted to make sure that this massive undertaking was completed properly.

Product Meets Personal Touch

In stressful situations such as this for Eric, it was helpful that Jared located a reputable Chicago flooring contractor that could professionally coat the floor to industry standards, as well as meet or exceed state health (anti-bacterial) and safety (non-slip) regulations. Eric was impressed and thankful for Jared’s willingness to go the extra mile. He sacrificed late nights and weekends to help Eric in any capacity until the project was manageable, including how to apply.

Jared is exemplary of the spirit of teamwork that keeps our organization operating efficiently every single day. Eric stated it best in a recent email that he sent to us.

"One of my main takeaways, thus far, is having a strong team of contractors and suppliers that I can trust and rely on. I want you to know how Jared has gone above and beyond what most sales reps are even capable of. He has been a big help to me during this stressful project and someone I definitely enjoy working with."

Without a strong support on every level, neither Jared or the rest of us could do our jobs effectively. As manufacturers we rely on a solid business network of professionals who are all focused on the same objective: provide quality proven products and impeccable customer service in every aspect of our business.

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