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Industries That Benefit From Industrial Floor Coatings

For many business owners, the safety and health of their employees and clients are always an issue. Polymer floor coating provide the level of protection needed to keep facilities code compliant while adding a touch of style and design to the overall floorplan of the building. Below are five industries that benefit from our commercial and industrial floor coatings.

Health Care Facilities

Medical facilities such as hospitals, walk-in clinics and doctor’s offices all require heavy-duty, chemical-resistant floor coating. The environment is ideal for concrete overlays such as urethane flooring coating or other polymer coatings. One of the benefits of this product is that it dries within four to five hours of application. Once the layer dries, it provides long-lasting protection with almost zero maintenance or buffing. And best of all, it’s the most sanitary industrial floor coating that you can use in a medical facility.


Crown Polymers coatings are the perfect solution for restaurant owners who are looking for a bacteria-free, functional and stylish flooring solution. Our epoxy solutions are specially designed to strengthen and stabilize the concrete floor. It’s valuable in establishments like restaurants where rates of traffic and food delivery occur throughout the day. We can implement various colors, patterns and textures into the top layer.

Meat Processing Plants

Meat Processing Plants must meet a wide range of government and industry codes as well as OSHA regulations to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Our high-performance epoxy forms a waterproof layer that eliminates the food or liquid saturation, thus, making it easier to remove harmful raw meat-based substance from the floor. Your employees will work in a sterile area without worrying about getting sick while on the job.

Chemical Plants

A layer of polymer coating ensures that buildings with a high risk of fire or explosion are NFPA compliant. Once our installers apply the epoxy to the floor and it dries, it is virtually impenetrable to any flame or combustion. In facilities where engineers or workers use chemicals, gas mixtures, vapor, spray or fine dust, industrial floors are essential to the health and safety of everyone in the building.

Corporate Offices

If you’re looking to install decorative floors for your corporate setting, then we recommend urethane floor coatings as they provide a non-slip floor surface for all staff and clients walking through the building. We can also custom-design your floor to your exact specifications. No matter what type of style or design you’re looking for, you can get it with epoxy, urethane or polymer concrete overlays.

Crown Polymers is widely recognized as a leader in the floor coating industry. We provide high-performance epoxy and urethane-based floor coating for both residential and commercial properties nationwide. Our concrete coating solutions are durable, decorative and affordable.

To find out more about how polymer concrete resurfacing overlays can improve your floors safety and appearance contact us at 888.732.1270