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CrownCrete-U™ - Cementitious Urethane Flooring Systems

CrownCrete-U™ is a family of urethane mortar flooring systems from Crown Polymers offering long-lasting, and durable flooring performance. CrownCrete-U™’s rapid installation and quick application time minimize facility downtime. These products are engineered to meet the rigorous challenges and demands of today’s high-performance criteria — including high chemical resistance, freeze and thaw cycles, installation over green concrete after 7 days, durability, and safety.

CrownCrete-U™ systems offer a notable advantage in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries

CrownCrete Brochure

Decorative Systems - CrownFlake™, CrownQuartz™, CrownMetallic™, and TerraCrown®

Crown Polymers offers a diverse range of exceptional decorative floor overlays, meticulously designed to elevate your space with unparalleled style and functionality. Our impressive collection includes Terrazzo, Flake, Quarts, Metallics, and more, each crafted to enhance the visual appeal while delivering an impeccable fusion of performance and aesthetics.

Decorative Brochure  Terrazzo Brochure
Additives and Intermediates Storage
Arena and Entertainment (Interior and Exterior)
Barrel Filling Area
Barrel Storage Area
Barrel (wine) Transfer Area
Barrel and Storage Tunnel
Barrel Washing/Sterilization Area
Bottle Conveyor Belt
Bottle Labeling
Bottle Wash and Sterilization Areas
Bottling Tanks
Case Warehouse (cold)
Chemical Storage
Clarification Area
Cleaning Materials
Cluster Sorting Table
Corking Area
Crushing Pads
Destemmer Deck/Sorting Table
Equipment Maintenance and Storage
Fermentation Tanks and Vats
Fork Lift Battery Charging and Storage Area
Fruit Processing Hopper/Dump
Gift Shop and Retail
Locker Room
Macro-Bin Staging Area
Macro-Bin Cold Storage
Maintenance Area
Mobile Tank Area
Off Loading Dock
Off Loading Ramp
Office, Hallways and Walkways
Parking Structures
Portable Equipment Washing and Sterilization Area
Press Pad
Raw Organic Material
Receiving Fruit Bins
Restaurant (Interior and Exterior)
Tasting Area
Truck Dock
Truck Scale