In the closely scrutinized and regulated landscape of the United States’ food and beverage industry, Crown Polymers stands as a reliable solution for often-overlooked flooring needs. With federal oversight from agencies like USDA, FDA, and OSHA, the demand for top-tier flooring systems in food and beverage facilities is non-negotiable. Crown Polymers addresses this need by offering a diverse range of solutions that meet USDA requirements, featuring attributes like solvent-free, low-odor coatings, extreme chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, skid resistance, moisture vapor transmission control, static control, antimicrobial properties, and more. Beyond functionality, Crown Polymers recognizes the importance of aesthetics in today’s public-facing food and beverage plants. Their custom flooring systems provide a clean design, seamless style, and a vibrant palette of colors to convey a positive image during public tours and contribute to overall company morale. Moreover, considering the stringent and unannounced inspections conducted by federal agencies, the necessity of reliable and compliant flooring is paramount, making Crown Polymers approved solutions an essential choice for maintaining safety, sanitation, and uninterrupted operations in food and beverage facilities.


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