8240 CrownBase™ Fast-Glue™ Polyurea

8240 CrownBase™ Fast-Glue™ Polyurea

Polyurea Primer and Base Coat for Quick Turnaround


8240 CrownBase is a high-performance polyurea primer, base coat, and coating. It is a low viscosity, low odor, 97% solids. Featuring outstanding adhesion, abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance. It is designed especially for challenging flooring and wall surfacing environments in a wide range of temperature and climatic conditions, including but not limited to, commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. It is VOC compliant in all states and provinces in North America.

  • Animal Care and Housing
  • Airport Hangars
  • Automotive Show Room and Garage
  • Commercial Bakeries and Kitchens
  • Food, Beverage and Spirits Processing
  • Garage and Residential
  • Hospital and Health Care Facility
  • Laboratories and Research
  • Locker Rooms and Rest Rooms
  • Manufacturing and Warehouse
  • Mechanical Equipment Room
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
  • Warehouse and Loading Docks
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Complies with USDA, FDA, Food Safety Modernization Act. See Crown Polymers Technical Bulletin: 3 Food and Beverage Compliance
  • Slip Resistance (ADA) See Crown Polymers Technical Bulletin: 4 Coefficient of Friction
  • LEED® and Green Seal® requirements. See Crown Polymers Technical Bulletin: 5 LEED and Green Seal Information.
  • VOC and EPA Compliant all states and provinces in North America. Cures to an inert finish. See Crown Polymers Technical Bulletin: 2 VOC Compliance.
  • Strong and Tough Floor
  • Excellent Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
  • Designed for new floors and for resurfacing old floors

White Base, pigmented Sand Tan, and Concrete Gray only.

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