8603 CrownPro™ StaticShield™ Polyurethane

8603 CrownPro™ StaticShield™ Polyurethane

Static Dissipative or Conductive Pigmented Polyurethane System


8603 CrownPro™ StaticShield™ Polyurethane is a three component, high performance polyurethane floor coating system that meets ANSI/EST 2020 and ANSI/ESD STM7.1 Standards. It is electrically active within resistance range requirements for static dissipative or conductive flooring systems, which relies upon the epoxy prime coat. It is UV Stable and is VOC compliant in all States and Provinces in North America

    It is designed to impart static control properties, which prevent electrostatic damage to electronic products, components and equipment. Military/ Aerospace/ Aircraft hangars, Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly, Hazardous Industries (dust or explosion hazards), Clean Rooms, Packaging lines, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare facilities. In addition, it limits the ability of personnel to build up a charge on their person and quickly remove a charge on a person, product, component or equipment

Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, and Tan.

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