Asada Cantina + Kitchen Shines with CrownCrete and CrownPro Finishes

In a dazzling showcase of innovation and design, Asada Cantina + Kitchen in San Clemente, CA, has raised the bar for restaurant flooring aesthetics. The establishment opted for a multi-color aggregate flooring solution, using CrownCrete U 818 Urethane Mortar with CrownQuartz Creme to achieve a distinctive and durable floor.

CrownCrete U 818, a urethane mortar, played a pivotal role as a reliable and robust flooring material. Its versatility allowed for the incorporation of multi-color aggregate, contributing to the unique visual appeal that Asada Cantina + Kitchen desired for its space.

To seal and protect this vibrant flooring, Asada Cantina + Kitchen applied CrownPro 7072SC as a clear topcoat. CrownPro 7072SC is renowned for its protective qualities, offering resistance against chemicals, abrasions, and wear while providing a glossy finish. The clear topcoat not only enhances the aesthetic vibrancy but also ensures the longevity of the floor in a high-traffic restaurant setting.


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