Crown Polymer leads the way in providing tailored industrial flooring solutions designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of manufacturing facilities. Our expertise addresses the challenges of heavy wear and tear, abrasion, and exposure to oils and chemicals. With a focus on durability and safety, our industrial flooring solutions are equipped with slip-resistant surfaces that withstand high traffic without showing visible wear patterns. Customizable formulations cater to the unique demands of warehouses, assembly lines, and machine shops, offering complete waterproof surfaces for restrooms and locker rooms. In addition, our manufacturing flooring solutions provide a wide array of decorative patterns and blends to complement any decor in visitor and reception areas. Notably, these solutions are easy to install without causing delays in production, are high moisture tolerant, and boast a thicker, self-priming design—making them an ideal choice for installation on freshly placed concrete, rough existing floors, or areas requiring higher impact resistance.


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