Completed by CNH Decorative Concrete, LLC, Crown Polymers products successfully revitalized the Alliance Airport Hangar with an impressive flooring project spanning over 50,000 square feet. Leveraging advanced CrownShield solutions, the team implemented a multifaceted approach to address various needs within the expansive facility. The project commenced with the application of 8303 CrownShield MVB, a moisture vapor barrier, serving as a single primer coat for concrete. This low-viscosity solution not only enhances substrate adhesion but also effectively seals and blocks moisture drive, meeting stringent industry standards. The subsequent use of 320 CrownShield 50, a two-component epoxy primer and coating, further fortified the flooring for durability against chemical exposure and heavy traffic. Completing the transformation, the application of 8175 CrownPro, a fast-curing polyaspartic coating, delivered a robust finish with resistance to impact, abrasion, and chemicals, making it an ideal choice for aircraft hangars and various industrial settings.

These products not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of the Alliance Airport Hangar but also reinforced its structural integrity. The comprehensive approach ensures resilience against moisture, chemicals, and heavy usage, promising a durable and visually striking flooring solution that meets the rigorous demands of the aviation industry.


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