At Bob Fisher Chevrolet, our flooring project was executed with precision and durability in mind. Across 15,000 square feet, Crown’s flooring solutions were applied, starting with two coats of 320 CrownShield® General Purpose Thru-Product™, followed by a topcoat of 7000 CrownPro® Aliphatic Polyaspartic Polyurea.

The choice of 320 CrownShield® was deliberate, offering low viscosity, low odor, and a 100% solids thermosetting epoxy formula. This ensured superior resistance against heavy foot and vehicle traffic, as well as protection against chemical exposure.

The 7000 CrownPro® topcoat added an extra layer of durability, boasting abrasion, chemical, and stain-resistant properties. It provided a tough finish that could withstand the demands of the automotive showroom and work bay environments. With its fast curing times and excellent adhesion to Crown Polymers epoxy systems, it offered reliable protection without compromising on quality.

Moreover, the project adhered to VOC compliance standards across North America, ensuring environmental responsibility and peace of mind for all involved.

This flooring project at Bob Fisher Chevrolet was a testament to quality and functionality, providing long-lasting protection for high-traffic areas within the dealership.


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