326 CrownClear™ UV Resistant Epoxy

326 CrownClear is a two-component, UV Resistant, 100% solids, epoxy metallic coating, broadcast receiving, grout coat, and topcoat. It is designed as a tough, durable, and impact-resistant flooring product.

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8327 CrownShield® High Build

8327HD` CrownShield High Build Clear Epoxy, UV resistant, 100% solids, and low odor during cure. It is specifically formulated for use with metallic pigments, color quartz, and color flakes.

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319 CrownShield® Pigmented Epoxy

319 CrownShield is a two-component pigmented epoxy UV-resistant floor coating. It is a UV-resistant and low odor coating. It can be used as a pigmented neat topcoat for broadcast, slurry broadcast, and trowel mortar systems when UV resistance is desired.

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